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Slow down.

We Provide:
-Oncology Massage
-Manual Lymph Drainage (Vodder)
-Orthopedic Massage for pain management and
  auto immune conditions
*please see Service page descriptions for fees
medical massage
What is Oncology Massage?
It is the modification of existing massage techniques to safely work with the complications of cancer and cancer treatment.  It requires a massage therapist to undergo additional, extensive training beyond traditional massage schools.  Evidence shows, when applied correctly, massage can be beneficial in managing many of the symptoms related to cancer and cancer treatment.
Oncology Massage is very similar to a typical, low impact massage.  The modifications are not normally noticed, and yet make the massage experience much safer.
During oncology treatment, this type of massage can assist with the management of several side effects such as nausea, pain, insomnia, and more.  After oncology treatment is complete, this modified massage allows the client to safely experience massage without triggering new side effects such as lymphedema. 
Kat in outpatient clinic
Saille Healing Path (Clinical Massage Therapy with Kat Farber) also offers
-Manual Lymph Drainage for lymphedema or surgeries
-Orthopedic Massage for pain management for every day aches and pains, injuries, and auto-immune conditions


In addition, Kat works in collaboration at the same office space with two other massage therapists.  Some of their services are also described on this website.  Please see the Services page for more information.  While working at the same location, they are separate businesses.  Please contact them directly for information and scheduling.


Our goal is to provide quality, evidence informed natural healthcare options for our community with professionally trained therapists.  We are happy to work with your current doctors, nurses, or other providers.